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Speaking & Consulting

Expertise to Help You or Your Business Come Alive

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Destination Wellness has experts available to help with your next event or project.  Our experience spans robust breadth and depth of topics and is sure to add value to your endeavor.  Just some topics include:

  • Facilitating Healthy Change in Business and Life

  • Personal Growth

  • Corporate Growth

  • Tai Chi and Qigong practices and their impacts on health and wellness

  • Assisting Wellness Entrepreneurs

  • Rebuilding a Life or Business Interrupted

  • Real World Applications of The Sacred Journey

  • Medical Education

Ever had that feeling where it is time to bring new energy, new input, new life into your organization or your life?  Ever had that feeling where your business or your life has been interrupted in some significant way, and you either need or want to rebuild in a new way?  Give us a shout . . . we can help.

“There are many ‘aha’ moments in life, some arriving with stunning quickness, like a sudden, thunder-clapping lightning strike amidst a mid-afternoon downpour on a long walk . . . Others come slowly . . . painfully . . . excruciatingly . . . frustratingly . . . slowly . . .”

DAVE SCHEER, Destination Wellness

Destination Wellness Faculty

Dave ScheerCo-Founder, Destination Wellness
Dave is a versatile and engaging leader with 25+ years of experience helping business, education and government get things done and plot solutions to complex business problems. He is an expert in facilitating the changes that must happen to achieve growth and in bridging the gap between where businesses are and where they want to go. Dave has deep experience with re-building life and business interrupted, and leverages his expertise in business, technology, and personal relationship to help others strategize, plan and execute.

Dave is the founder or co-founder of three Wisconsin based businesses. He has completed Graduate Work in Education and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He has served in leadership roles in environments varying from small business to State Government to Fortune 60 companies.

Dave has a deep interest in leveraging his experience to provide transformational moments that help others come alive and grow.

Contact Dave for Consulting Engagements via email or the LinkedIn buttons above, or book him as a Speaker via the button below.

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Deborah AdamsCo-Founder, Destination Wellness & Founder, The Wellness Spa, Inc.
Deborah is certified in Tai Chi and Qigong by the IIQTC and has advanced training to teach teachers, assisting Roger Jahnke, creator of Tai Chi Easy, throughout the past 10 years in several “TCE Practice Leader” trainings and 200-hour level trainings. She has trained with many different instructors but the majority of training and style is with Master Jiang Jinyne from China, now based in New York. Deborah is currently on his Health Preservation Teacher Team, representing Wisconsin. As a student of many styles and teachers, Deborah has discovered that traditional Tai Chi is not well accepted by many Americans because it is challenging and takes a long time to learn. Through research and experimentation with her own classes, she honors traditional Tai Chi but applies her own modern twist ~ focusing on the healing benefits that come from giving people permission to just move, not caring as much about ‘how’ they are doing the movements, but allowing and encouraging them to simply be, breathe, and stay in the present moment ~ letting them know “as long as they are doing something, they are doing it right.”

Deborah synthesizes her background from ballet, jazz and modern dance, weight training and aerobics, massage therapy and body therapies, and the variety of martial arts, Tai Chi and Qigong trainings to teach a unique style of qigong she has labeled “Firehorse Qigong”. Her classes have helped thousands of attendees open the door to self-healing benefits and stress relief while also showing gratitude to a community that has supported her and her business, The Wellness Spa, since 1994.

Click the mail icon in the upper right of Deborah’s profile to contact her or to book her as a speaker or consultant.

Dr. Rob Rogers, MDProfessor and Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine, University of Kentucky
Dr. Rob is currently Professor, and Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine at the University of Kentucky where he teaches residents and sees patients full-time. He was formerly a member of the Emergency Medicine faculty at the University of Maryland from 2002 to 2015. He is the Founder of Medutopia, a platform that produces and develops solutions to strengthen the skills of medical educators around the world. He is an accomplished medical educator, coach, podcaster, medupreneur, and learning choreographer with a demonstrated history of developing innovative and creative ways to flip the world of medical education.
Deborah Ellingson, MS EducationVeteran Elementary Educator
Elementary School Educator with 29 years of classroom experience with grades 1-4. Expertise includes curriculum planning, parent relationships, teaching methods and child development.
Dr. Gayl Hubatch, OMDDr. of Chinese Medicine
Dr. Gayl Hubatch, OMD is Dr. of Chinese medicine and the author of Fabric of the Soul: Eight Extraordinary Vessels. Capturing essence from her practice of energy medicine for over 25 years, Dr. Hubatch brings a wealth of knowledge to her courses. She has taught at many colleges, universities and privately, since 1983, including Omega, Esalen and Kripalu. Dr. Hubatch specializes in Acupuncture, Herbology, Qigong/Tai Chi, HeartMath Training and Bodymind Meditation, at her holistic studio; Blue Heron Center in Lakeway, TX.

Dr. Hubatch is a licensed acupuncturist and diplomat through NCCAOM as well as being a certified yoga instructor and qigong/tai chi senior trainer. Dr Hubatch is a certified Heartmath Trainer and Heartmath Interventions Trainer, bringing mindbody medicine to corporations, healthcare facilities and through online trainings.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.